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 Dating Wild Adventure
One of my favorite sayings when it comes to game is, “act like you’ve done this before”. But I have a better saying that holds oh so much truth. That saying is, “there are rules to this shit”. That’s right Rules, certain behavior and set of conduct that true players should us in certain situations. Every now and then though a guy that already knows these rules goes on a good run. Then he gets too big for his britches and says, “fuck the rules, I got this”. Usually when this happens the Game Gods will strike the individual back down to Earth and remind him…. There’s rules to this shit. One of these rules is on weekends you go out with your boys hunting the town getting number and looking for wild adventures. If you must see a girl she has to bring a couple of her friends along to meet your boys. If worse comes to worse you do a typical date. Under no circumstance do you bring her out with your boys as they go searching for some scratch. We call it bring sand to the beach.

Carson, CA, US
Roseville, CA, US

The Rookie and I are out to Vegas in a couple of days. Saturday was a rainy miserable night and the crew was determined to hit up DC. I figured I might as well put in some face time with a prospect that happens to be a coworker and hangout with my boys at the same time. I picked her up then picked up The Rookie and met up with The Degenerate and hype man scoop. Now before I go on any further let me tell you about my boy hype man scoop. He’s sorta of an adrenaline junkie. One of those guys who does everything to the extreme. He’s probably been in a Mountain Dew commercial or two. I don’t know how the fuck our government trusted $20 million dollar military helicopters in his hands. His idea of a good time is swimming with sharks, no real sharks not bad people. So the first lounge we hit up was current. When I rolled up with my little date and the rookie, Hype and D were standing with this tall Swedish girl that was a friend of Hype’s that I’d met before. We all start drinking having a good time, then all of a sudden five of her friends who are all Swedish walk through the crowd like some Swedish Model Mafia shit. They all meet and do a double kiss and start speaking in their native language. Introductions are made. I’m fucking salty, none of them were older than 22 straight up. Tall, curvy, I keep looking at them and then looking at my date and all of sudden for some weird reason my girl doesn’t really look as good as I thought she did at the beginning of the night. To make things worst I’d hung out with Hype and the one he knows and she told me straight up that I reminded her of her ex-boyfriend the one she broke up with recently because he didn’t like having sex as much as she did. Yeah, she’s making eyes at me like, “why did you bring THAT girl”. The Degenerate just has this huge smile on his face, like wolf among sheep. Here’s the breakdown that will come in handy later….

Covina Ca, US
Palo Alto, CA, US

 Sweet Single Girls
Swiss Miss 1 (hype’s girl/ friend) Swiss Miss 2 ( just as good looking bigger boobs) Tiny Swiss Miss Others We leave there and go next door to bar/club/lounge Midtown. These girls are getting hit on left and right but they’ll only talk/ dance with each other and my boys. I never really get into the mix and try to give the girl I brought most of my attention. We’re dancing but I look over and the Swiss are dropping it low grinding with each other. We’re having a couple of drinks and I look over and the Swiss are taking shots and chasing it down with real drinks. While flirting with my date she says something completely inappropriate that pisses me off like no other. It was one of the dumbest things I’ve ever heard. The night is ruined and I let her know this. I get my tab and take her home and give the Rookie a ride who lives on the way and isn’t feeling so great. When I leave I see The D hollaring at Swiss Miss 2 and think, oh he’s just going to get her number and that’s that. The next morning I get the call from D. D: You know you fucked up right? VK: Why you say that D: I just finished dropping Swiss Miss 1 and 2 off at the metro VK: Wait….what exactly happened after I left. D: Before I tell you this story let me just say that Swiss Miss 1 was asking where you went. VK: ok….. so tell me the story

Stockton, CA, US
Acampo, CA, US

 Final Words
He goes on to tell me the story I’m about to tell you. I later speak with Hype who confirms his side of the story. And it goes a little something like this. The group obviously stayed at the club, drank a shit load. At the end Hype Man had the foresight of getting a hotel room. D, Hype Swiss Miss 1& 2 and Tiny Swiss all rolled back. D and Swiss Miss 2 had hit it off in the club so they go outside on the balcony and start making out. When they go back inside the hotel room Hype is balls deep inside Swiss Miss 1 with her legs on his shoulder. Tiny Swiss is sitting on a couch with a blanket over head like some traumatized 13 year old trying not to watch Hype beat up her friends vagina. D and Swiss Miss 2 actually watch for a couple of minutes before heading to the bathroom to hook up some more. When Swiss 1 was done she decided she wanted to go back with Swiss 2 and D since Swiss 2 and her live close to each other. They all jump in a cab and Swiss 1 ( who is bisexual) is trying to convince Swiss 2 to have a three some with D. Swiss 2 is actually really into D so she doesn’t one to share. They get back to D’s place, get in his bed and D smashes Swiss 2 while 1 watches. He passes out with two of the hottest chicks naked on each side of him. Ahhh, but we left Tiny Swiss and Hype in the hotel room. Well as soon as the three left to go back to D’s. Hype is still buck necked and Tiny Swiss takes off her clothes to get in the bed and “Sleep”. She just watch Hype go raw on her friend right…. well less than 30 seconds Hype is going raw balls deep in her! This right here is the difference between American girls and European girls. An American girl would wait a couple of months to bang the guy her friend used to bang… if that. It would be a long drown out process, they’d have to check with each other and make sure it’s cool and blah blah blah. European girls don’t even wait for her girls juices to crust on the dick before jumping up on it. VK: So let me get this straight… you’re telling me you motherfuckers basically had a Roman orgy on the Caligula tip? D: Yesssirrrrrr….. So how did your little date end (he starts laughing) VK: Fuck you…. click Remember boys there are rules to this shit, the game gods are watching. This will be my only post of the week, vengeance is mine in Vegas

Bakersfield CA, US
Riverside CA, US

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